Morey Publishing is a great place looking for great people. We’re always looking for new talent and accept all inquiries. Just let us know what you are interested in and attach your resume.

Available Positions

Inbound Content Developer (ICD)

Morey Publishing is seeking a full-time marketing writer to develop content, site copy, blog and strategize for our roster of dedicated clients.

The Inbound Content Developer (ICD) will be dedicated to a handful of diverse clients ranging from travel and leisure to education and finance. You will be both independently motivated and responsible for the success of this clientele, and work collectively with a team of editors, writers and designer to establish strategy and review effectiveness. You will be asked to participate in group meetings and contribute the overall health of all Morey clients, and the incredible fun, productive and positive culture shared by your co-workers.

Standards are high. This ICD will be among a team of writers and editors who are all dedicated to their own beat, and nothing short of exceptional. You will be too. Morey Publishing is a Gold (soon to be Platinum) HubSpot Partner Agency. Are you familiar with the HubSpot philosophy? If so, great. If not DO NOT FAKE IT. We are looking for individuals who are honest about their abilities and excited to learn, and always be learning.

This ICD will be Inbound Certified before starting with Morey, and HubSpot Certified within the first month of employment. Aggressive, I know. But we have work to do. By the time you are fully up and humming, you will be producing content for clients you love, that not only makes them look good, but effectively attracts, converts and closes traffic into customers.

  • Control all site copy for assigned clients
  • Weekly blogging for each client
  • Write or contribute to emails, landing pages and content offerings (eBooks, checklists)
  • Manage a content schedule for each client
  • Communicate with clients and vendors regarding content. (often interview format)
  • Strong writing and communication abilities
  • Thoughtful and creative
  • Digital Native / Social Media Savvy
  • Collaborative AND self motivated
  • A love and understanding of what you do and who you do it for.
  • Salary
  • Full-time
  • Syosset, Long Island
Junior Graphic/Web Designer (Jr.)

Morey Publishing is looking to hire a full-time graphic designer to assist with creative for a broad range of clientele. This includes general production, print, collateral, digital art, web design and eventually HubSpot Web Design.

This is position is for new graduates (entry-level) or up to four years experience. This Junior Graphic/Web Designer (Jr.) will be on a path towards incredible growth and responsibility as a Certified HubSpot Designer, working and training among a team of exceptional, inspirational talent. You will learn and grow from collaborating with this team of champions, and be challenged to help raise the bar.

“Can do.” This is the mantra of the production department. As a key member of this department, and the future of Morey’s creative hopes and dreams, you will love what you do! You can not be a great artist if you do not love what you are creating. This Jr. must be positive, motivated and enthusiastic, and always wanting more. You will not be alone. This is the culture of every designer, writer and office dog that works at Morey. And it’s contagious.

The person will be required to contribute at weekly team meetings with writers, artists and strategists, and be interested in the success of all Morey clients.

Starting Responsibilities
  • Collateral design and support for existing clients
  • Web design for new project clients
  • Daily blog art for a large variety of clients
  • Social publishing
  • Contribute at weekly team meetings
  • Take the success of all Morey clients personally
Career Path Responsibilities
  • HubSpot Certified
  • HubSpot Design Certified
  • Lead Inbound Content Design for assigned HubSpot Clients
  • Responsible for all creative needs of assigned clients
  • Still taking the success of all clients personally
  • Adobe Suite: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Indesign
  • A strong understanding of WordPress
  • Comfortable with HTML and CSS
  • Understanding of PHP and Java is a plus
  • Collaborative AND self motivated
  • Talented. This is not subjective. You must be talented.
  • Salary
  • Full-time
  • Syosset, Long Island
Video Production Coordinator (VPC)

Morey Publishing is looking to hire a full-time video production coordinator.

The Video Production Coordinator (VPC) will be responsible for shooting and editing content features for Morey Publishing’s diverse clientele. He/She will be asked to attend daily editorial and production meetings and to coordinate with both the editorial and production teams. The VPC will report directly to the Executive Editor.

Morey Publishing’s team is extremely dedicated and collaborative. The VPC must be able to work harmoniously with others and bring a positive attitude to the work environment.

Above all, you have to be nice. Like, seriously. We mean it. We will vote you off the island if you’re mean. Talented individuals are a dime-a-dozen. Talented individuals who demonstrate respect for their colleagues, work hard and are nice… that’s what we’re looking for.

The editorial process is collaborative but when it comes to production the VPC is a one-person show. He/She must be able to write, shoot, produce and edit short features independently.

  • Experience shooting HD and editing in Final Cut
  • Graphic Design experience preferred
  • Digital Native
  • Social Media Savvy
  • Strong Writing and Storytelling Abilities
  • Thoughtful and Creative
  • Team Player
  • (Nice. Don’t forget nice.)
  • Salary
  • Full-time
  • Syosset, Long Island

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