Custom Publishing

More elaborate publications can be developed for download, or even print, as a way to really distinguish a company in the marketplace. For example, Morey Publishing created and designed this magazine, Checkmate, for BMW, to resounding success, and its production exemplifies our unique capability to provide more value for you than the typical marketing company. Well-written, informative, and visually striking, Morey’s custom publications feature articles and photographs that tell the story of the client while also communicating their message.

This particular example showcases several BMW models, includes interviews with executives and employees, and even enlightens readers about Elvis Presley’s love affair with a specific bimmer! Additionally, such a product provides unprecedented advertising and marketing opportunities, since they are physical products that can be brought home by the client’s customers, passed around, shared, and talked about. Custom publications are an exceptional way to set your business apart, attract new customers, and delight those you already have. Morey Publishing specializes in this unique brand of marketing.

View the Ungated Digital Magazine Here


Industry White Papers

Morey Publishing possesses the rare capability among marketing agencies of creating well-researched, masterfully written White Papers and eBooks on any range of topics, which can not only inform, but influence those subjects’ respective industries. In the process, these comprehensive analyses generate quality leads, capturing priceless contact data and furthering the transformation of these visitors into customers, and then, fans and ambassadors of said products and services. We produced this White Paper on Hydrocarbons for our client Priority Cool—an alternative refrigerant manufacturer—and it remains the quintessential authoritative resource on the topic.

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