The Art of Fintech Marketing

You have built the perfect platform. Your processes are tight. Your model is sound. You’ve built the better mousetrap. Taking the applied science of great financial technology solutions from theory to practice requires engaged customers. That’s where we come in.

LYRA Digital Marketing is a division of Morey Publishing, a Gold HubSpot Partner Agency and leader in digital marketing and lead generation. LYRA was established to work directly with leaders in FinTech to help bring their visions to market.

We’re not simply the top of the funnel. We are the funnel.

Digital marketing is an art. Identifying customers for your platform and drawing them through the marketing funnel is where we excel.

Over the past several years, our company has transitioned from the traditional publishing and advertising space. We had a hunch that our ability to generate high quality content with stunning design would bode well for us in the marketing and advertising industry going forward. Talent waiting for a movement. As fate would have it, the Inbound Marketing revolution was taking root and we were uniquely positioned to ride the wave.

FinTech is changing every day.
But you knew that already.
Because you’re the one changing it

The Fintech world is rife with talent, disruptors and change agents as well. From Marketplace Lenders and Robo Advisors to Online Mortgage Origination and Digital Payment Processing Solutions, the Fintech industry is exploding with both possibilities and major success stories. It’s hardly a secret that players within the industry have a substantial appetite for growth.

Here’s where our paths converge.

Morey Publishing is one of the fastest-growing Inbound Marketing agencies on the East Coast and (chest thump alert) the LYRA division is gaining recognition as the leading Fintech Inbound Agency in the country. It’s an exciting time to be in the Inbound Marketing and Fintech worlds. Especially when they collide.


Customer Acquisition

One of the biggest pain points in the Fintech world is the Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA.) Despite advances in online processing capabilities and a growing comfort among consumers and businesses to engage in online transactions, COCA remains frustratingly high for many companies. The reasons vary from intense competition and a need to generate awareness to expensive digital marketing campaigns that are needed to stoke the flames of a startup that lacks entrenched SEO authority.

With the Growth-Driven Design Model, we constantly monitor and improve your online presence by employing the most comprehensive content creation and design services while maximizing your website’s visibility within search engines through optimization and the most effective inbound marketing strategies. For clients with larger appetites for growth and a longer investment horizon, Morey Publishing’s LYRA team offers custom HubSpot Inbound Marketing services as well as integrations with SaaS platforms and 3rd party data sets.

Considering the cutting-edge nature of Fintech, it’s surprising how much is spent on traditional advertising like direct mail

We often find a disconnect between a company’s technology and their marketing strategy. Some of the greatest Fintech companies in the country rely on traditional advertising channels to get the word out and attract customers to their product or service. Because Inbound Marketing is a relatively new concept in the agency world – despite being nearly a decade old – this comes as no surprise to us. The big agencies that represent some of these companies simply aren’t equipped to deliver an effective Inbound strategy to attract and convert leads into customers. Instead they sell glorified digital pages from the same old playbook and wind up charging their clients for expensive pay-per-click campaigns, broadcast media, print advertising and direct mail. While these avenues remain effective for some, they can bleed a marketing budget dry.

Quick side note:
This doesn’t mean we believe solely in digital marketing. Traditional marketing and the human touch both play an important role in delivering a company’s message, no matter how sophisticated the platform. Every client on the LYRA Team also has access to Morey Publishing’s stable of writers, designers and buyers. Digital lead generation is our core specialty, but it’s important to maintain consistency in brand development and collateral marketing.
One of the most important deliverables is your forward facing web presence. A great site is more than a fancy calling card. It should crank like an engine, grab attention like a honey pot and satisfy customers like a warm cup of coffee at the end of a fantastic meal. We are constantly testing our environments to ensure great UX/UI.

Fintech Clients


Board of Advisors



Mike was most recently the co-founder and CFO of CommonBond, a marketplace lending platform for student loans. Prior to CommonBond, Mike was a Vice President at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, where advised high-net-worth investors on opportunistic trading as part of the GIO Group and was a direct report to the CIO, focusing on investment strategy. He is also the former President of JDRF Young Leadership Committee of NYC, a Type I diabetes charity. Mike graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. from Georgetown University and graduated with honors with an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.



Sumeet was most recently the co-founder of MW Eaglewood Europe, an asset management firm focused on marketplace lending. At Eaglewood, Sumeet launched P2P Global Investments, a publicly traded vehicle on the London Stock Exchange that purchases loans originated through marketplace lending platforms across the globe. Prior to that, Sumeet worked at Liberum Capital, a boutique investment bank, where he was an Alternative Investments Analyst and a Pan-European equities trader. Sumeet graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from RIT and with an MBA from Fordham University.


Edward Vincent

Ed Vincent is an entrepreneur with 20 years business, technology and management experience including 6 years of banking and valuation experience. In 1999, he founded an e-commerce business, which was sold to a competitor in 2001. Since then he has gone on to found several ventures including SimplyEngage and myProducer. Mr. Vincent is currently founder and partner of Predict, a data-driven consulting firm that serves as a trusted adviser to some of the biggest brands in the television and media industry.


The LYRA Team currently has three projects in development and under non-disclosure agreements. These partners will be added to the site upon completion.

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