We Are Writers

Our journey through the media landscape of Long Island finds us at the zenith of our strengths. Throughout the past 13 years, we have had the privilege of publishing the Long Island Press, the Island’s cultural arts and investigative news journal. The Long Island Press began as an alternative print weekly and is now an online news source that garners in excess of 2 million unique readers per year.

We have won more than 400 local, regional and national awards during this period and employ a staff of veteran writers routinely regarded as the finest on Long Island.

We are very, very good at what we do


Suddenly the very thing that we feared would be the death of us–writing–was that which gave us life


The well-publicized travails of the journalism business didn’t escape the Long Island Press, however. Like so many stellar journalistic endeavors that struggled during the digital revolution, our brand was in danger of being marginalized or disappearing altogether. Then along came a little bird–a hummingbird, to be exact.

Approximately two years ago, Google introduced an algorithmic change that decidedly favored quality prose and clear language. Morey Publishing, the parent company of the Long Island Press, had already transitioned toward digital marketing services to complement our advertising model by this time. We developed websites and advertising campaigns for some of our clients and won several engagements on the strength of our local knowledge, strategic business planning capabilities and marketing prowess.

But it was the seismic shift in the online search world that set us overwhelmingly on the course toward becoming a full-service advertising firm. The confluence of Google’s shift to rewarding quality content, the proliferation of “smart” mobile devices and the sea change in consumer buying habits from in-store to online transformed our company immeasurably.

Writing was cool again

And so we built. We doubled down on our core strength and began expanding our horizons, our services and our client base. As writers, we were fortunate to work with designers who shared our level of commitment to great journalism and possessed incomparable talent in the marketplace. One after another, the Island’s foremost brands began turning to us for their myriad digital needs.